Bothered by Hot Flashes – A Solution

frontpagetravel72Spring is coming hopefully for those of us who have endured a very harsh winter. Depending on where you live, spring also heralds warmer weather. Yeah! But warmer weather often triggers more hot flashes which women going through chemotherapy now experience.  Can you find a comfortable solution?

Yes, wicking fabric used in the sports industry has been adopted by manufacturers who focus on those individuals going through cancer. These companies provide beautiful wicking nightwear, casual tops, and also bed linens so you can stay dry during the night.  Styles are available for both men and women as sometimes, men, when going through treatment, have some of the same issues.

Staying dry and comfortable is a challenge when you don’t have the proper clothing to wick away the sweat.  The sweat, after the hot flash, will leave you feeling cold and clammy.  Not fun.  So, it’s worth it to invest in at least the wicking nightwear so you can get a good nights rest – critical for healing.




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