Are You a Bath or Shower Person?

Frelaxor myself, I usually grab a shower in the morning.  It’s faster and for easier for washing my hair.

However, when I’m not well or feeling stiff from too much exercise, I’ll run a bath.  For a cold, etc., I love to put in a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil to clear out the sinuses.  For stiff muscles, I use Epsom salts which pulls toxins from the body and the build up of lactic acid from exercise.  Simple things that definitely make my body feel much better.  Plus then I really enjoy a bath – can relax and just unwind.

Additionally, these are organic skin products that have no fragrance (perfume) – something to which I am highly sensitive, as I find most people are who have gone through cancer.  More and more places are posting ‘No Fragrance Please’ signs up.  I have trouble even walking through the beauty counters in department stores.  I take a deep breath and hold it until I’m past that area.

Fresh, clean, invigorating is much better.  It’s embracing your body with nature.  By using products that are natural, free of chemicals, fragrances and not tested on animals, you are not only being kind to your body, but also to the environment.



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