Body Image, Self Esteem and Mastectomy

shutterstock_152680100Having a mastectomy is never simple.  The surgery itself takes time for recovery, but often longer is the recovery from a  change in your body image.  We women are attached to our bosoms.  They nourish our children.  They matter in how we dress.  They can be an expression of our sexuality.

With an adjusted body, comes an emotional adjustment to losing part of us that was important.  For some, this is easier than for others.  Some women even have mastectomies to prevent a cancer risk depending on their genetic profile.

But for all  women who have undergone a mastectomy, there is the need to find comfortable, functional, yet feminine mastectomy bras.  This is a viable solution for many women. With proper fitting, body image and self esteem can co-exist with your new you.

For those whom these mastectomy bras is not workable, reconstructive surgery is a viable option.  Another topic for another day.



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