More Women Wear Wigs Than You’d Imagine

For those of us who have been through chemotherapy, we know about the hair loss that comes with it.  There are many options for dressing our bald heads – chemo hats, turbans, scarves and wigs.  When you look around, suddenly you now see more people wearing these chemo hats than you could ever have imagined.

re588-01-lDid you also know that thinning hair happens to a lot of women as they age?  Many of these women wear wigs.  Our society is not accustomed to women who are bald or have thin hair.  For men, it seems to be okay, but not for women.

Alopecia is another disease or condition that results in thinning or baldness.  Wigs come to the rescue as these women are not into wearing chemo head wear that would identify them as having cancer.

Luckily there are wonderful options now that years ago were either be too expensive or just didn’t look good.  I even remember wearing wigs to just have a different fashion look.  It had nothing to do with cancer, thinning hair or baldness – it was fun – a new look.

So, join the fun crowd and find a wig.  You can sport a whole new personality with a wig.  Who knows – people may not even recognize you.  I know from experience how much hair makes a difference in  a person’s look.  When cancer patient’s hair grows back, they often have to re-introduce themselves to me as I’m accustomed to seeing them with either a chemo hat on or no hair.  I sometimes don’t immediately recognize them with hair.  We both then have a good laugh.



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