Are You Aware Lymphedema Can Affect Your Torso?

tribute_short_sleeve_shirt_largeThis was  news to me.  I had always heard about lymphedema in a  limb whether it was an arm or a leg.  But I had never understood that lymphedema could also present itself in the torso – and even in the neck region.

In this instance, compression sleeves – arm sleeves or stockings – won’t work.  What is needed is a compression camisole – similar to the Spanx garments available.  There is a difference though.  Spanx is one level of compression.  Compression garments have graduated compression that moves the flow of lymph along the body.

You can get bras that are also compression bras with a torso section rather than a band.  This again will help you move the flow of lymph along relieving any swelling.  There are also compression vests that will work the same way.

Please note that proper diagnosis and treatment is highly recommended for any sign of lymphedema  from a qualified lymphedema specialist and/or oncologist.  A prescription is required with the proper compression levels indicated, especially if you are claiming the cost on a medical plan.  The earlier you identify the problem, the better your chance of reducing the severity of the lyphedema and thereby it’s impact on your lifestyle.



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