Hair Growth and Care After Chemo

shutterstock_32856739Chemotherapy most often means hair loss.  After treatment is over, hair does grow back in.  It takes a month or so to get more than a bit of stubble (as in the picture – 2 months after treatment), but eventually you will have your hair back.

Interestingly, it doesn’t always come back the same as before.  For some, it comes back really curly as mine did.  For others, it can even change color.  I’ve seen people who had black hair before who now have red hair or grey hair.  And unfortunately, for some it comes back much thinner and never improves.

For those whose hair comes in really curly, know that eventually the curls will soften and again, for some, you will go back to the type of hair you had before treatment.

Going forward, you will want to take care of your new hair the same way you look after your skin – using organic skin care and hair care products.  Some people even decide to not dye their hair (if it comes in grey) or use any chemicals.  Your choice.  After cancer, the fewer chemicals you submit your body to the better.



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