You Have a Friend With Cancer – What To Get Them?

Woman in HospitalDeciding what might be a helpful, appropriate and inspirational gift for a cancer patient is often difficult.  What do you get?

Suggestions I’ve heard – and gifts that were given to me – that hit the mark are:

  1. Books – uplifting and inspirational books.
  2. Journals – find ones with a spiral spine and with blank pages as well as lined pages.  This allows for some creativity – pasting in pictures – drawing, etc.
  3. Gift baskets – find some that have useful items – could be a self-care theme, food theme, etc.
  4. Music – lots of options here.  Uplifting, meditation, calming . . . so many choices.  I found I needed calm and relaxing to ease the stress of treatment.

Does that get you started?  All of the above items will be welcomed and gratefully received.  Do you have other suggestions?  Please share.



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