Cold, Colder and Coldest Winter Ever – Makes Exercise Difficult

Not sure what winter is like where you live, but I think a lot of people are experiencing an unrelenting winter.  Lots of freezing cold with snow and ice.  When it warms up, the snow melts during the day.  Then at night, it freezes.  When the snow comes again, it just covers up the ice making for treacherous sidewalk and road conditions.

For those of us who like walkinPractising-Yoga-at-Homeg, it sure has put a damper on our enthusiasm.  Two people close to me have broken legs by slipping on the ice.  My dog limps at night on her surgery supposedly healed leg from slipping and sliding on the ice.

Okay, enough about ice.  The point is exercise still needs to happen.  Whether trudge to the nearest mall to do your mall walking or stay at home to do tai chi or yoga inside, you need to stay active to keep the energy and oxygen coursing through your body.  Oxygen heals..

Here’s to spring  – when it finally arrives.  We’re about to have a warming trend in Alberta in a couple of days.  Will be absolutely wonderful to take off a few layers and get outside in the fresh air.  My dog will love it too.



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