Sprouted Grains – A Good Food to Fight Cancer?

MultiSproutsDo you  remember sprouting beans? I do and my favorite were mung beans.  They tasted so fresh and crisp.  When my son was little, I used to put a few in a cup for him as a snack.  He loved them and I knew they were a healthy snack option.

Nowadays you can buy prepackaged sprouts in the grocery store. However, I find they just aren’t as fresh as the ones you sprout yourself.  And, it isn’t that difficult, it just takes a little time.

Sprouts can then be added to salads (awesome in coleslaw), sandwich fillings (try them in egg and tuna salad sandwich fillings for extra crunch) and stir fries.  Sprouts are fiber-rich and packed with vitamins and minerals as well as protein and sometimes even essential fatty acids.

If you are looking for foods that fight cancer, sprouts are an excellent addition to your menu.  And, they are easy to sprout yourself and inexpensive.  Why not pick up some organic sprouting seeds and give sprouting a chance.



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