Considerations When Looking for a Mastectomy Bra

nearly-me-lace-band-610Several issues arise after a mastectomy which are not always apparent in the moment.  I’ve heard a few variations of similar themes among my ladies when they get chatting in class.  Here is the gist of some of these conversations.

  1. It rides up.  When the band around your chest under the bra is too narrow, the bra tends to ride up on the side of your mastectomy.  Having a wide band or better yet a torso band will help keep your bra in place.
  2. Hurts on the side.  Often an envelope of skin or skin tags are just where the bra side seam sits.  It hurts and rubs.  Look for bras that have no side seams.
  3. Can’t reach around the back anymore.  This happens when shoulder mobility is compromised.  There are lovely front closure bras for this situation.
  4. They don’t breathe.  Menopause happens after chemotherapy, so finding bras in cotton or an absorbent material is critical to absorb sweat.

Finding mastectomy bras that feel comfortable, look good, and are functional will help your self-esteem.  You will feel and look great knowing that your underpinnings are in place and will stay in place.



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