Surprise – Menopause After Chemotherapy

Stress-Reduction-Techniques-May-Ease-Hot-FlashesWere you told that you might go into menopause as a side effect of chemotherapy?  I don’t recall that being brought up when I was going through treatment.

So, when I was out shopping one day and all of a sudden I thought I had stepped into a tropical zone, it was a surprise.  Took me a moment or two to realize – oh my, this is a hot flash.  This is how it feels.

Hot one moment, cold the next creates a few changes in clothing choices and night time arrangements.  Wicking sleepwear and garments for day wear mostly from the sportswear industry are the solution for clothing.  At least the fabric wicks away the sweat from your body relieving the clammy feeling.  Gone are turtlenecks and in are cardigans – layers you can add on and take off with ease.

Then I found out there is also bedding in wicking fabrics.  Together with moisture wicking pajamas, a good nights sleep is within reach.  Last solution is to find herbal solutions and natural therapies to balance out the hot flashes since hormone therapy is not the alternative of choice if you have had breast cancer.

Prepared with these solutions you can ease your way through menopause with some modicum of comfort and sanity.



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