Healing Gemstone Bracelets – Do You Wear Them?

6th_Chakra_BraceletSome people love to wear jewelry.  It brightens their day, adds a personal touch to their persona and delivers a touch of glamor to an outfit.  For some their style tends towards earrings.  Others, towards pendants or bracelets.

Personally, I wear earrings more as I teach dance classes.  I don’t want my jewelry to get in the way.  But when I go out socially, I love to put on a special pendant or wear one a bracelet made with beautiful gemstones.  The healing gemstones add an extra element of energy and specialness to the occasion.

During cancer treatment, when I didn’t have hair and was working at putting a good face on the situation, I wore big earrings with my scarves.  I would admire the beautiful healing gemstone jewelry I’d see and eventually I added pieces to my jewelry collection.  Each of them brings an element of their special energy to my being. And some have come as very gifts bearing love and caring – in fact, a couple are healing gemstone bracelets.



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