You Are More Than Your Body

BeautyHow do we think of ourselves?  Do we often focus on our body – our image that presents to the world?  In this day and age, there is a great focus on looking good, being fit, staying slim, etc.

We all come in different sizes and shapes, colors and nationalities.  With that come different ways to look at our body – what it symbolizes.  Can we be okay with who we are inside?  Can we celebrate who we are on the outside – no one has the perfect body, even models.

For women with breast cancer, this can become an issue after a mastectomy.  I’ve heard that this surgery has shifted relationships, creates decisions about whether to have reconstructive surgery or be content wearing mastectomy bras.  A lot of the decision depends on lifestyle.  For those who are involved in active sports, reconstructive surgery is their choice.  For others, not.

Regardless, the saying holds true – you are more than your body.  Truly, what counts is who you are inside.  Beauty starts within.  That energy creates a wonderful aura around you.  Here’s to magnificent you.



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