Not All Lymphedema is Related to Breast Cancer

Leg Compression GarmentI’ve heard this said several times, mostly because there is so much information out there about breast cancer – lymphedema is about breast cancer.  NOT ONLY!

Lymphedema can happen to those going through any surgeries that affect the lymph nodes in the groin or areas in the abdomen.  Men who have had prostate or colon surgery get lymphedema in their legs.  Women who have had ovarian, colon, or cervical cancer are also at risk.  This condition requires wearing compression stockings – at the very least, compression socks.

It is often wise to wear a compression garment as prevention for sport related activities, air travel, and/or occasions when a person has to stand for a long time.

Having two legs of different sizes creates a whole host of issues I’m sure anyone would want to avoid.  Take precautions early.  Read our free report for tips and information.



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