Winter Blahs – How to LIft Your Spirits

GemstonesWinter has never been my favorite time of year.  Being originally from Ontario, it was often damp cold, grey, and drab when it got slushy.  Now living in Alberta, there are often beautiful days of sunshine and snow with breathtaking vistas of the mountains.  For those who love winter sports, winter is an awesome adventure.  However, for me, I love the sunshine of spring, summer and fall, so work at how to make winter liveable.

Same principle applies when the blahs that accompany treatment get you down.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Wear bright colors with your basic black, navy or whatever color works for you
  • Add a dash of pizazz with bling – try healing gemstone jewelry. – double benefit
  • Find a sport or activity, inside or outside, that you love.  I like walking, but it’s often too icy.  Teaching my dance classes works for me.
  • Get outside when you can for some fresh air, even if it’s frightfully cold.  A few minutes of fresh air will clear out the cobwebs and lift your spirits.
  • Visit with friends for some laugh time and conversation

What works for you?  Do you wear healing gemstones? We’d love to hear other ideas.  The same thing doesn’t work for everyone.  And we all live in different areas – some warmer than others.




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