Still Want to Feel Ravishing After a Mastectomy?

ChristineAbsolutely – is what I’m sure I’m hearing.  Just because you’ve had a mastectomy does not diminish your femininity and desire to look attractive and sexy to your partner.  Well, for that matter, looking fabulous does wonders for any woman’s self-esteem.

Thank goodness there are wonderful bras available for you to choose from – mastectomy bras for every occasion, whether it’s for sports, everyday or a special occasion.

When you’re looking, make sure that the design allows for comfort and utility.  This means looking for mastectomy bras that:

  • have a wide under band so they don’t ride up
  • no side seams to rub on scars
  • allow for your prosthesis to be well anchored so it doesn’t slide around
  • and most important, are comfortable.

Even though you want sexy and beautiful, you still need to feel comfortable – it will show in your demeanor if you are not.



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