Why Choose Organic Skin Care After Cancer?

freeimage-6617059-web skin creamCancer changes the chemistry of our skin – drugs and treatments such as radiation.  Sensitivity to sunlight, allergic reactions to our usual products, interaction with certain treatments such as alum and radiation are all issues in the cancer journey, not only during treatment, but often in the years after treatment..

Moving towards organic skin care makes sense as one is more aware that what you put on your skin absorbs into your body.  Natural and organic skin care products are:

  • made from organic ingredients
  • alcohol free
  • paraben free
  • chemical free
  • sulphate free

Not only are they better for our bodies, they also feel wonderful on your skin.  You will notice the difference in how your skin feels and looks.  Many products also come fragrance free for those who are sensitive to scents.

And, after cancer, who wants to add more chemicals into their body.  Most of us are working to rid our bodies of harmful toxins and creating a more healthy environment all around.






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