Water Time – It’s Summer – Be Replenished

With summer upon us, it is more important than ever to have plenty of water.  Our bodies are quickly depleted of moisture due to sweating, exertion, hot weather, hot flashes, and exercise.  Like plants, we wilt without being “watered”.  And, water is the drink of choice rather than drinks such as sodas, juice, tea, coffee, etc.

The container you use for the water is equally important.  Much has been said about the dangers of leaching of chemicals from plastic containers, especially when put in the freezer and then thawed.  Another issue is the quality of bottled water.  It pays to do your research.

Having a quality stainless steel water bottle which you can fill up with filtered water, whether from home or other known source, is a much better option.  Not only that, some of these water bottles are very “cool”.  Try one with an inspirational poem on it – a constant reminder of something positive.  Whatever you choose, be smart, be safe, and be healthy.



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