Do You Take Time for Yourself?

One of the biggest lessons learned going through the cancer healing journey was the value of taking time for myself.  Life moves on too fast sometimes, and before you know it, every minute is jammed.  This is life in North America.  A sad commentary on our lifestyle.

However, when cancer is diagnosed, there is motivation to rethink how one lives life. Suddenly what appears so important before cancer becomes insignificant.  It is then time to re-evaluate.  Questions pop up. What am I doing? Where am I going?  Who is with me on this journey?

This requires quiet time – time to just be still and hear your own thoughts.  For me, walk time became a space in time just for me.  Meditation helped quiet my mind which had become a rabbit warren of worrying thoughts vying for space.  Music transported me to magical places. Reading books for cancer patients, especially by survivors to learn how they coped with cancer.

In time, calm, peace and energy returned in a more manageable manner.



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