Thoughts and Suggestions About Hot Flashes During Chemo

Chemotherapy often causes early menopause for women, no matter their age.  I know for myself, I went into early menopause.  One day I was fine, the next day I felt this overwhelming heat wave while in a store shopping.  Couldn’t believe the heat!

cool james shortieThat created quite a lifestyle change. Gone were turtleneck sweaters, pullovers, wool, etc.  Anything that I felt would create heat and/or I couldn’t get out of quickly when I got a hot flash.  Cardigans became my friend.  Easy to get on and off in a hurry.  Cotton and wicking clothing are also options, although at the time of my treatment (late 1990), they weren’t readily available outside of sportswear.

Interestingly, the hot flashes became a bonus when standing around outdoors in inclement and/or cold weather for my son’s sports games.  I was warm – others were cold.  However, when the hot flash ran its course, the clammy feeling set in and I was chilled . . . but not for long.

Night sweats are the evening equivalent of hot flashes, so nowadays you can get lovely wicking pajamas.  Cotton flannel – not the most attractive – work, but now always what you want to wear.  We need to thank the sports industry for the fabric as wicking materials have been used to help athletes for some time now.



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