After the Mastectomy – What to Wear?

Nowadays, women are sent home from the hospital very soon after their operation.  This entails having the drains still in place as well as bandages.   So how do you manage the drains, etc.?  It can be very cumbersome, not to mention awkward socially if you are feeling well enough to be out and about.

There are several options now available.  With a mastectomy camisole, you will find a convenient and discreet system for your drains, room for the bandages, plus the ability to use the mastectomy camisole after the drains are removed.  They come with breast forms, soft fabric which is important around the surgery site, and styles to make them easy to put on when range of motion is an issue.

You can forgo the functional T-shirt look along with the safety pin fix for a more comfortable, fashionable, compact choice.   Just looking “normal” will make you feel better.



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