Gemstones – Bling and Healing

When life has me down or I feel rather frumpy and dull, I turn to jewelry to brighten up a look, refresh an outfit, and generally to add some zip to my outlook.

During cancer, this became a way to add a fashion statement to my otherwise bald head.  Wearing scarves and hats were great, but I needed to find a style that made me feel special and beautifully different.  I learned how to tie a head scarf in an interesting way and added unique earrings and necklaces to complete the look.

Healing gemstones offer a bonus because they are not only beautiful and luxurious in their own right, but they also contribute their healing energy to your body energy.  Many will be skeptical that this is so, but for those who use healing gemstones, they know – it works.  Plus, you just feel great wearing them.




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