Peace, Calm and Strength Can Be Yours

In the cancer journey, there can be peace, calm and strength as you move through treatment and beyond.  Most of this comes from the realization that healing comes from within.  It is the work of joining body, mind and spirit – pulling together all of our resources – not just one.

To the general public, cancer often looks like a physical disease.  One that once you have undergone surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation, you are better and ready to resume your life as before.  Well, NO.  Yes, there is the physical healing, but just as important or even more important, is the internal work one does.

I found this part of the cancer healing journey both daunting and exciting.  It called me to learn, reshape my priorities, embrace my authentic self, and heal many aspects of my life that were not working.

During that time, I focused on inspirational poems and stories by people who had gone through tough times and survived.  I absorbed the life lessons they shared and gained insight into the work I needed to do for myself in order to be whole again.  It has been and still is an amazing journey.



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