How Do You Wear Bald – for Women!

This is not often a situation that comes up for women.  Men are more prone to baldness and seem to be more comfortable with the situation.  Women, on the other hand, have a difficult time dealing with baldness.

Chemotheraphy can cause baldness – and does most often.  Nowadays, there are some wonderful choices that are both practical and stylish.

1. Chemo Hats – these are designed to come low enough on the natural hairline to disguise the lack of hair.  Some come with hair pieces – i.e. side flips or bangs.  Depending on the weather, you can find attractive chemo hats to either keep you warm or cool – and protect against sunburn.

2. Scarves – these can be worn in many chic and adaptable ways.  You can use  your own scarves or buy a new wardrobe of scarves.  Make sure the fabric will hold the tie in place, be soft, not scratchy, and the size large enough to make the tie.

3. Wigs – some opt for real hair wigs while some opt for synthetic.  Your choice.  Obviously cost will factor in your decision.  There are wonderful breathable wigs now which are much more comfortable to wear.  It’s a good idea to find a good color and style match before your lose your hair, unless you want to change up your look and get something totally different.  That can be fun!

Lots of choices.  You might as well enjoy the journey and find something to tickle your fancy, make you feel and look great to boost your spirits.



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