Adding Inspiration to the Cancer Journey

When a cancer diagnosis hits you, “stunned” will be your first reaction.  That’s why it’s best to have someone with you at that appointment – they will hear what you will tune out after the word “cancer” is mentioned.  After that, people go into different modes.

One mode is read and research – learn as much as you can to gain some measure of understanding and control in a time of high stress.  There are many books for cancer patients available which will be helpful in the days ahead, books that will give you inspiration and information for healing.  The journey you have started will shift your life.  You will never view things the same way again.

It seems strange to say this, but cancer may be the “gift of a wakeup call”.  A time to stop and evaluate, to recognize that life is not forever.  Things happen.  Each day is precious and what we value most becomes very clear. 

Getting insight into how others manage this journey gives comfort and a sense that you are not alone in your feelings, fear, and struggle.

Carry books with you to read when you wait for doctors.  Listen to CD’s or DVD’s while going through chemo or just resting.  You can fit inspiration into your life seamlessly at a time when fatigue might make it seem impossible.

There is a new life waiting for you beyond this moment.  Embrace it and move forward.

With much love and support




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