What About a Wig During Chemotherapy?

Losing one’s hair is one of the side effects of chemotherapy.  Where you live – warm or cold climate – factors into your decision of what to wear on your head.  Could be protection from the sun or warmth for a bald head.

Many women choose chemo hats and scarves as an everyday solution.  However, chemo hats and scarves definitely send the message ‘I am going through cancer’.  This brings up the issue of wigs for cancer patients. Wilshire Wigs have an excellent selection for special occasions, those times when you don’t want to broadcast your health situation, and when you need that boost of self-confidence to carry the day.

There are many beautiful wigs available these days at different price points.  They can be synthetic or real hair or a mix of both.  Some women opt for a totally different look – a look they’ve always wanted to have but it didn’t suit their hair.  Other women like to match their regular style as close as possible.  You can do either.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Make sure that the wig is comfortable.  The inside should be smooth and not scratchy as the underside of the wig will be directly on top of your skin – no protection.
  2. If you live in a warmer climate, there are wigs that are also breathable making them cooler to wear.
  3. If you haven’t lost your hair just yet, now is a good time to match the color.

Looking good while going through treatment helps keep your spirits up.  This is for you.  When you look in the mirror, it will reflect back the person you know yourself to be.  Give yourself a hug and boost even on the days when it is difficult.  Every little action counts.




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