Music to Heal the Soul During Cancer

As a dancer, music was and is a huge part of my life.

Life was busy when I was young – dance classes, singing lessons, school & homework, teaching dance classes, being in productions – and when I had time, a social life.  Overwhelm used to hit me often so to relax and de-stress, I used to head to our basement rec room, put on a stack of classical records and lie down.  An hour later, the world looked right again.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, healing music and meditation once again became a key element of my healing journey.  I’d don earphones and transport myself to another plane on the waves of healing music during chemotherapy.  In the dark of night when my fears and uncertainties slipped out, I would put on my earphones and listen to calm my soul.

There is much research into the healing benefits of music and/or sound.  Have you ever had chills run up your spine when you listened to music that you loved.  That’s energy – healing energy.  It is a physical reaction that will also stir emotional responses in your body which in turn facilitates healing.

Music for Healingand meditation make a wonderful addition to your books resources for cancer patients – and can be a special gift that will make someone’s day.  When I was going through treatment, friends and family would frequently send me CD’s of music they knew would lift my spirit.  They were special treasures!



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