Skin Care During and After Cancer Treatments

Skin is a barometer of how we are feeling, what we are or are not eating, is susceptible to climate changes, and often erupts with rashes, itching, etc. due to drug interactions.  Going through radiation and chemotherapy treatments for cancer definitely affects our skin.

It is so important to find Organic Skin and Hair Care Products to use during this time.  Our skin is more sensitive to harmful and harsh ingredients while going through treatment and needs to be pampered with safe and natural skin care.  Perfume and/or scent is often not tolerated.  Our Wellspring cancer center has signs up asking members to please not wear perfume. For many, this is an issue no matter what their situation – certainly is for me.

Be aware, read the list of ingredients, choose skin care products that have few if any chemicals and watch your skin benefit.  I’ve had to do this for years as I have sensitive skin which was complicated by all the heavy makeup I wore when I was in the theatre.  Going through chemotherapy and radiation made me doubly aware of what I put on my body.

Be kind to yourself and your skin.  It pays to not only eat right and radiate from the inside out, but to also make sure you are protecting your skin from the outside in.



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