Add Some Bling and Energy with Healing Gemstones

With all that goes with cancer treatment – surgery, chemotherapy and radiation – and often for those having chemotherapy, the subsequent hair loss, it was always uplifting to add bling to my outfit.  Made me feel better and more ‘normal’.

Bling to me at the time was earrings – big ones that looked awesome with my hats and scarves. For you, it might be pendants, rings or bracelets.

The energy part comes by using healing gemstones which some believe carry the earth’s energy.  This may or may not be true for you, but truly, these gemstones are very attractive regardless.  And, I do know for myself, I feel better when I wear different ones because each gemstone has different healing energies.

Why not combine both – bling and energy – when you think about what to wear going through your cancer journey.

And, for your family and friends, what a wonderful gift idea.  People often don’t know what to get for those going through cancer.  Here’s a great idea.



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