Skin Care and Cancer

Cancer treatments, by their very nature, affect the skin.  The texture, color and elasticity change along with sensitivity to sun.  We pay attention to the food we put in our bodies ensuring that it is high quality, low in toxins, and pesticide free.  What we sometimes forget is the chemicals that we absorb through our skin and the importance of holistic, organic skin care products.

Recently, I found a Holistic Organic Skin Treatment product line developed by Dr. Alkaitis.  During his research on plants and cancer, Dr. Alkaitis found that there is a definite correlation between synthetic chemicals and disease, including cancer.

Irritants such as perfumes and the synthetic chemicals, fillers, etc., can also cause skin irritations, something one wants to avoid when going through treatment.  What works going through treatment is also what will work ongoing.  Once you’ve experienced wholesome products, it is very difficult to go back and settle for less.  It’s well worth your time to experience the difference for yourself.



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