Hats Create Fashion Flair During Cancer Treatment

Chemotherapy often causes hair to fall out, leaving you a little less stylish than before treatment.  For women, this is more problematic than for men, however that doesn’t mean men are less affected.  It’s just that for men, bald is more common and accepted by society.

It’s important to feel good while going through treatment.  This means finding a chemo hat, scarf, turban, wig – something that gives you a lift.  While I was going through treatment, I knit a rich colored wool hat for the winter, and found a way to tie a scarf that drew favourable comments.  Not only did I stay warm and protected, but I felt stylish.

Have a look at the different options open to you.  Play a little with the variety of chemo hats, beautiful scarves, chemo turbans, and wigs that are light and breathe.



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