Do You Believe in Yourself?

At the heart of life is our belief system which we developed during our childhood.  For many of us, this programming runs in the background of our adult life sabatoging efforts to move forward if these beliefs are contrary to what we want to attain.

Part of the cancer journey involves digging into beliefs as part of the healing process.  Cancer causes us to stop, assess and rethink the way we have been living.  It calls us to evaluate our priorities, shift beliefs and move into uncharted territory.  It can be daunting but the rewards are immense.  There are many who have travelled this road and share their insights, travels, etc. as an inspiration to start down this path.

Belief Bracelet

To help in this transition, many people turn to forms of energy or symbols of inspiration.  Often healing gemstones are used and worn to remind us of our intention, support our beliefs, and generate energy to this pursuit.  In addition, healing gemstones worn as jewelry enhance our sense of style, well-being, and self-esteem at a time when we may feel down.



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