Hugs in Words for Those Going Through Cancer

Sometimes you are just not near to give someone you know going through cancer a great big hug.  How do you let them know that you care and are there to support them during this time?  Here are some ideas for inspirational gifts for cancer patients – ones to help you give from a distance – or even up close when time is the issue.

1.  Send a card with an inspirational message and a personal note from you.  Your friend or family member will feel the love and know that you thinking about them.

2. Email an inspirational poem you read or a story of a cancer survivor that will inspire hope.

3. Send a Tote Bag with an inspirational poem on the front – a constant visual of encouragement – something they can take to doctor/hospital/treatment appointments.

4. Buy a book – there is a wide choice of books for cancer patients that will both inspire, educate, encourage, etc.

5. Mail a Stainless Steel Water Bottle – with words of encouragement on it, funny sayings to add humour, a poem, bright and shiny.  Many options.  Cancer patients always carry water bottles as they need to hydrate.

6. Consider a framed inspirational poem that shares a message of understanding, hope and courage.  Something they can hang on the wall whether at home or in the hospital.

These are just a few ideas – I’ll share more in another post.  As a former cancer patient and one who now works with cancer patients, I hear what makes a difference.



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