Chemo Hats Protect and Add Pizazz

Pizazz is not usually associated with cancer, but it can be.  It is important during cancer treatment to keep your spirits up.  One of the easiest ways is to find some really cool chemo hats – fun, classic, chic, trendy.  Whatever suits your fancy.

It has been said that hair is a women’s crowning glory.  Well, when the hair goes, there needs to be a substitute to create the crowning glory.  Hats will do that.  In years past, hats were a must in many wardrobes.  With Easter coming up, I recall the time when it signalled the call to get a new suit and hat for church on Easter Sunday. 

There are many wonderful options for chemo hats, scarves and turbans.  You can have great fun creating new looks for yourself.  Add some uplifting makeup, earrings with flair, and a hat or scarve to top off the look.  This method works for all seasons.  The fabric and style of hat changes depending on your current need – protection or warmth, dress-up or everyday.

Be sure to look for styles that cover your hairline and are soft as a bald head is sensitive.  Some people wear a turban underneath a hat for an extra layer of comfort and style.  Find your look and go forth with confidence.  This too will pass and your hair will come back.  In the meantime, you might as well embrace the change with panache.



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