Jewelry Perks Up Self-Image During Cancer Treatment

Amethyst Earrings

Self-esteem and self-image can become a challenge when going through cancer treatment, especially chemotherapy.  Chemotherapy causes most people to lose their hair – not only on their head, but also eyelashes, eyebrows, etc.

One way to perk up the look we have become accustomed to seeing in the mirror every day, is to add wonderful and unusual accessories – hats and scarves – and most certainly, healing jewelry.  With a bit of makeup and some ‘bling’ with earrings or necklaces that are close to the face, a chic and/or fun look can be achieved.

There may be some dispute about the ability of gemstones to heal, but in fact, this information has been around for centuries.  All objects on this planet carry energy and gemstones are no different.  Many people have found comfort, and energy wearing healing jewelry.  It can certainly lift ones mood and spirits, especially if you are someone who loves jewelry.  Beautiful healing gemstones can also be a wonderful conversation starter, diverting attention away from the issues surrounding cancer treatment.

If you are wondering what to get a friend who is going through cancer, consider healing gemstones as jewelry.  Even men will wear a necklace or bracelet.



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