Lymphedema – Ease for Night Time Bandaging

Lymphedema is a side effect of cancer surgery.  It most often affect women who have breast cancer, but can also impact people who have had neck and/or throat surgeries as well as prostate or abdominal surgeries.  Whenever lymph nodes are taken out, there is the potential for developing lymphedema.

Lymphedema happens when the lymph flow is compromised due to lymph nodes being removed.  The bodies lymph system gets overloaded in this area (much like a commuter traffic jam when one or more lanes are closed).  This creates swelling in the affected limb and/or torso.

Outer Compression Sleeve

One of the means of managing lymphedema is through bandaging done initially by a qualified lymphedema specialist.  During the day, a compression sleeve is worn which is relatively easy to manage.  For the night, many bandage their limb.  To make this easier, there is a system that uses a inner sleeve and an outer lycra sleeve to apply the compression.

Inner Sleeve

My suggestion is be aware of the prevention tips so you don’t get lymphedema in the first place.  It is a chronic condition with no cure.  However, sometimes with the best of care, it will happen.  When it does, there are many options for managing lymphedema.



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