Chic Trimming Mastectomy Camisole with Function

After a mastectomy, choices for undergarments take a new turn.  Some women have opted for breast reconstruction to eliminate this issue.  However, there are many women who choose not to go that route and therefore look for functional but attractive mastectomy camisoles and bras  .

One mastectomy camisole that is very useful and a welcome addition to any wardrobe is a black shaper camisole.  This camisole is not only designed to accommodate a prosthesis, it also has compression for those who develop torso lymphedema.  Do not confuse this garment with SpanX which has compression, but not the graduated compression required for torso lymphedema.

A bonus is the trimming effect on the midriff.  Often when undergoing treatment, women gain weight, especially around the middle, so something that will make us look and feel trim for special occasions boosts self esteem.



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