Help Yourself During Cancer

At first, a cancer diagnosis renders you stunned.  Normal reaction.  Eventually the information sinks in at about the same time you end up in a round of doctors appointments and treatments.  Life takes on a new schedule, one not of your own making.

One of the best ways to help yourself during this process – the cancer journey – is to be informed.  There are many excellent books, DVD’s, etc. about cancer, the newest research, survivor stories, cancer nutrition, etc. on the market to guide you.

Being informed will help you feel more in control, give you insight into the right questions to ask of health providers, point the way to how you can help yourself, and provide inspiration from those who have travelled before you.

Not all of us have a support group or cancer center close by.  However, most of us have access to a book store, library or the internet where books for cancer patients are available, also DVD’s and Kindle-type ebooks.    There are even online discussion groups where you can ask members for their opinions, encouragement, etc.

If you are too fatigued or not feeling well enough to do the research yourself, a friend or family member may be more than happy to help you.  They often don’t know what to do, feel helpless – this will give them a way to connect and support you.  You may also choose book CD’s which you can listen to while resting or travelling.



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