Bald and Beautiful Through Chemo

One of the challenges of chemo is rather painless but nevertheless causes, for some, a moment or two of unease.  This happens especially for women for whom baldness is not normally seen.  This baldness during chemo affects not only head hair, but also eyelashes and body hair that either thin out or disappear.

Thanks to organizations like Look Good, Feel Better who help women with skincare and makeup tips to bolster self-esteem, a woman can get through this time with a little more ease plus have some fun with other women going through the same situation.

Another option is to find some really cool and attractive chemo hats and scarves.  Some women look absolutely stunning and create a whole new look for themselves.  Depending on the weather in your area, there are great choices available.  A few tips:

  • make sure the hat and/or scarf covers the hairline,
  • choose soft fabrics that won’t rub on bare skin,
  • look for washable fabrics as you will likely sweat (menopause side effect), and
  • have fun with different styles and colors.

Going through cancer treatment is a stressful time and finding ways to lighten the load are both restorative and energizing.



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