Chemo, Hair Loss and New Hair!!

Most people lose their hair during chemotherapy.  For some, this is more troubling than others.  There are lots of ways to deal with hair loss – chemo hats, scarves, wigs, etc.

Interesting, what is often not talked about is what happens when the hair grows back in.  I’ve had a lot of fun watching this happen, including my own.  For some it comes back curly, some a different color, some a different texture.  Unfortunately, for some it comes back thinner which for women is a bigger issue.

I’ve met women who I saw wearing wigs, chemo hats, etc. and hardly recognized them when their hair grew back in.  They always get a kick out of my reaction when the penny drops and I know who they are.  Some women decide to keep their hair short – it is becoming and maybe not a style they would have tried previously.

There is always some good and humour in every life situation – one just has to be open to look for the signs.



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