Getting Intimate Post Mastectomy Surgery

Under normal circumstances, sex can be a difficult subject to broach. After a mastectomy, the thought of resuming sexual activity can make some patients feel emotionally uncomfortable. Some women have reported feeling less desirable without their breasts intact. Fortunately, there is good news when it comes to getting your groove back.

According to an American Cancer Society study, there is no physical reason breast surgery or radiation to the breasts should decrease sexual desire. Another fear, that men won’t find a woman who has had a mastectomy attractive, is unfounded. Men have reported having little difficulty adjusting to their mate’s new form; they’re only wary of initiating sex because they don’t know how far their partner wants to be pushed and may not know how to communicate about the issue. Still, just because a study essentially says “it’s all in your head” doesn’t mean a woman will feel comfortable baring her body. Wearing a mastectomy camisole during intimate moments can help. Nowadays mastectomy camisoles are not only functional, they are highly attractive; some even have lace details and sexy, plunging necklines.



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