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Chic Options for Chemo Hair Loss

Where I live, we are in extreme cold and having no hair while going through chemo means finding ways to keep the head warm.  But you may live in a warmer climate where style is the issue more than warmth.

There are lots of ways to still be chic and fashionable.  I found tying scarves in creative ways actually brought me flattering comments and scarves were, in fact, more comfortable than a wig and less expensive.

Chemo hats are another option when you can find ones that come below the ears and back hairline.  Comfortable fabric is key since the head is bald and anything rough can be scratchy.  There are lots of styles and fabrics to choose from depending on your circumstance.

Occasionally, going bald can be an option.  It is a statement that says ‘I’m okay with who I am and where I’m at in this moment’.  I went hat, wig and scarfless, especially in the humid summer.  Didn’t seem to bother anyone, and if it did, that was their issue.

So, check out your options.  Have fun with it. You might as well.  Take the time to wear outfits and looks that you might not have tried before.  I also found wearing makeup and earrings also helped the whole look and made me feel totally together in a new way.

Why Does Chemo Make Your Hair Fall Out?

Chemotherapy is widely used to kill cancer cells and prevent the disease from spreading, but the drugs also impart some damaging side effects. Since the drugs are unable to differentiate between cancer cells and normal cells, many ordinary, otherwise healthy cells are destroyed during the therapy. This is why fatigue, nausea and low blood cell counts are all common for chemo patients.

But one of the most noticeable changes brought about by chemotherapy is hair loss. The drugs attack the root cells of the hair, triggering alopecia in as little as 2 to 3 weeks into treatment. There are several ways to cope with this hair loss, including wigs and specially designed chemo hats. Over the years, several programs have been developed to help supply chemo patients with real hair too, including Locks of Love.

Stylish Chemo Hats for Cooler Days

Cooler days are coming and being bald from cancer treatment, namely chemotherapy, means finding something to keep your head warm, not just covered up.  These days, there are many stylish options that don’t scream ‘cancer patient’.  Chemo hats that cover your ears and come down low in the back of the head below the hairline are the best choice.

Alternate between hats, scarves, turbans – have some fun with different fashions, colors, fabrics depending on the climate in which you live.  I always found there was an occasion for each – casual days at home, outings with friends, appointment days, and dressy times when you want to look fabulous.  Not everyone has a wig or can afford a real hair wig.  Hats, scarves, etc. can be classy and are affordable.

Chemo Hats to Keep You Warm At Night

One wouldn’t think anything about what to wear on your head when you go to bed unless you have lost your hair due to chemotherapy.  Hair keeps the heat in and when you have no hair, you get cold.  Remember the pictures of people in the olden days wearing their sleep caps.  Those were the days when there was no central heating and winter nights were cold.

Fashions have changed a lot since then.  Chemo hats are a great option.  They keep you warm at night, especially a cozy, comfortable knit that is soft on your head and stays in place.  Choose a color that makes you feel relaxed and beautiful.  A cotton fabric is also best to help wick away the night sweats.

Scarf or Chemo Hat – Options

There are many options for headwear during chemotherapy and while your hair is growing back.  Chemo hats aren’t the only choice.  I often wore a scarf, sometimes a heavier one when the weather was cool – a lighter one or silky one when the weather was hotter.  It is fun to find different ways to wear the scarf – use your imagination or look online for scarf tying tips.

Some people wear the scarf under a wide brim hat – looks very smashing.  People who aren’t bald from treatment do this to create a “unique” look.  You can too.  See what works for you.

When your hair has all grown back, you have a beautiful scarf to wear in different ways.  If you don’t want to see it again, donate it to someone else who needs it along with styling tips.  Cancer organizations often have a store for used wigs, scarves, etc. for those who need a little assistance during this time.

Hats Create Fashion Flair During Cancer Treatment

Chemotherapy often causes hair to fall out, leaving you a little less stylish than before treatment.  For women, this is more problematic than for men, however that doesn’t mean men are less affected.  It’s just that for men, bald is more common and accepted by society.

It’s important to feel good while going through treatment.  This means finding a chemo hat, scarf, turban, wig – something that gives you a lift.  While I was going through treatment, I knit a rich colored wool hat for the winter, and found a way to tie a scarf that drew favourable comments.  Not only did I stay warm and protected, but I felt stylish.

Have a look at the different options open to you.  Play a little with the variety of chemo hats, beautiful scarves, chemo turbans, and wigs that are light and breathe.

Cancer Turbans, Hats and Scarves – The New You

When hair loss happens during cancer treatment, hats and scarves become very important.  They not only cover the ‘bald’, they provided warmth and/or protection from the elements.  Wigs work as well, but during my treatment, I found I gravitated to hats and scarves as do most of the women I know going through the cancer journey.  They’re more comfortable.

Cancer turbans, hats and scarves can be fun, stylish, practical, high fashion, and most of all, a new way to express your individuality – your ‘New Look’.  Try different ones – have several – get your friends to buy you one – have fun with it.  You might as well.